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The Republic of Serbia is a democratic European state situated in central Balkan region, with a rich and vast culture and historic inheritance. Its ethnic diversity and full equality policy made it such an attractive place and living environment for so many nations around.

Belgrade (Beograd) is the capital city of Serbia and is one of the oldest cities in Europe and since ancient times it has been an important intersection of the roads between Eastern and Western Europe. Situated at the point of river Sava merging into Danube River, known as “the gate” of the Balkans, this city is having many cultural monuments, archeological sites and is the centre of the highest state and national institutions of culture and art: Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National Museum, the National Theatre and the University of Arts.

The Government encourages intensively foreign investments and emphasizes opportunities for active business possibilities, real estate short or long-term plans together with nature vacations, city-breaks and cultural events.

Important to mention is that considerable amount of Middle East investments are increasingly each month and especially from UAE side. Belgrade in Water and another numerous new projects are opened and the real estate market is just blooming.

Benefits and advantages

1. Serbian Citizenship is for lifetime and can include beside the main investor also his dependent family as spouse, children and parents.
2. Visa-free travel to more than 115 countries around the world, including EU Schengen states, Switzerland, Russian Federation, Hong Kong.
3. Serbia is an official future candidate for EU membership and a full member of UN and WTO organizations.
4. According to experts, yet maximum of 2 years to EU membership
5. Perfect for building a new business, green land ready for rebuilding.
6. Confidence of the Middle East. Abu Dhabi invests in Belgrade Waterfront billion USD!
7. Belgrade is one of the most interesting cities in the world. The nightlife was set according to ranking # 1 in the world.

Using GCI services will greatly increase the cances of success of getting residency

To establish yourself or your business in Serbia will require securing relationships with key partners such as government officials, bankers and corporate professionals. You need experienced consultants to build a network of contacts and help you to become established in your new environment.

If you or your business need to purchase a property (a real estate or a commercial property) – we will be of help too. Our Partner are in property business for decades and are experienced enough to guide you through the whole property purchase procedure from the property documents check up, preparing the documents necessary to finalize transaction, certifying the purchase with the Court and filing of your title with the Cadastre.

As you see, we are here to provide the following business services in Serbia: corporate services, starting a business, incorporating a business with full legal and professional support, bying Real Estates, obtaining a temporary or permanent residence, getting a work permit, accounting, bookkeeping, translations, interpreters.

Residence of Foreign Citizens in the Republic of Serbia is regulated by the Law of Foreign Citizens (“Off. Gazette of RS”, No. 97/2008)

The Law regulates three types of residence: (1)Residence up to 90 days, (2)Temporary residence, (3) Permanent residence.

For the residence up to 90 days, with or without a visa, a Foreign Citizen does not need any approval from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Hereinafter “MOIA” or „Competent authority”), which is in charge of the matters related to residence of Foreign Citizens in the Republic of Serbia. Regardless of no requirements for the approval of the MOIA, legal and natural persons providing accommodation services to Foreign Citizens, as well as a person receiving visits from Foreign Citizens, are obliged to notify the competent authority about the Foreign Citizen stay within 24 hours of the moment of Foreign Citizen’s arrival for a visit. A Foreign Citizen who does not use previously mentioned accommodation services is obliged to notify the competent authority about his/her stay or change of an address within 24 hours of the arrival in the place of temporary residence or from the day of change of address in the place of temporary residence as appropriate.

Temporary residence, for a period longer than 90 days up to one year with possibility of extension for the same period can be approved by the MOIA to a Foreign Citizen who submits the evidences that: (I)He/she has sufficient financial means,(II) He/she has health insurance,(III) His/her reasons for temporary residence are justified and in compliance with the purpose of temporary residence referred in the Law (work, employment, performance of economic or other professional activities, education, scientific research, practical training, participation in the programs of international students exchange, and/or other scientific/education activities, family re-joining). In the case of extension of the temporary residence period a Foreign Citizen has to file the application to the competent authority at least 30 days prior to the expiry of the temporary residence period.The permission for temporary residence shall be entered into the travel document of a Foreign Citizen. The validity period of the travel document must be at least six months longer than the period for which the permit is issued.

Permanent residence may be permitted to a Foreign Citizen (under one of the following conditions): (I) who has stayed with no interruptions in the Republic of Serbia for at least five years based on the permission for temporary residence, before applying for permanent residence permit; (II) who has been married to a citizen of the Republic of Serbia or a Foreign Citizen with permanent residence for at least three years; (III) who is an underage person in temporary residence in the Republic of Serbia and one of his/her parents is a citizen of the Republic of Serbia or a Foreign Citizen with permanent residence with the consent of the other parent; (IV) who has ancestral links to the territory of the Republic of Serbia; (V) who has been granted the permission for temporary residence due to the humanitarian reasons or if this is in interest of the Republic of Serbia. For the aforementioned types of residence for which is necessary to obtain the approval the applicant must provide certain documents as proof of the merits of the request, which varies depending on the basis of the request, e.g. certificate of registration of the company and confirmation of commercial bank of account turnover for the purpose of establishing of a legal entity, branch or bank.

Taxes policy in Serbia

Serbian flat general rate of taxes is just 10%.
For investors in the business area, 5 years tax exemption is promised.
Furthermore, any worker who comes from Serbia, funded with 10,000 EUR per year.


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